Watch Man Expertly Save Stranger That Fell On The Train Tracks [Video]

As luck would have it, the rescuer knew just how to navigate the tracks.

Credit: CBS 2 News

A 29-year-old man by the name of Jonathan Kulig from New York City is being hailed as a hero after he deftly jumped onto the train tracks to save a stranger that fell onto the tracks moments earlier. Just last week, Kulig was on his way to work as an electrical engineer on Saturday night when he witnessed a man fall; though it’s unclear if the man had passed out, causing his fall, or if he was knocked unconscious after he fell, Kulig knew that he had to act.

He jumped across six rails to reach the man, even maneuvering around the third rail which poses the risk of electrocuting anyone that touches it, and swiftly lifted the man. In the video, you can see him move quickly and hand off the man to someone up on the platform. Just one minutes and nine seconds later, the train rolled into the station.

“The one thing I can completely say, that I’m completely confident about, is that if I didn’t pick him up, that train would’ve gotten him,” Kulig said. “Cause there weren’t really anybody else that was jumping down to do anything. He probably wouldn’t be around.”

The Con Ed supervisor is the perfect person to have saved the man because, as an electrical engineer, he knew exactly where to step to avoid electrocution. The unconscious man was taken by emergency responders, and Kulig remarked that he wasn’t even late to work as a result of making sure the man was taken care of.

Watch the video below to witness the heroic moment.

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