[Watch] John Oliver Explains The Need-To-Know On Third-Party Candidates

“Last Week Tonight" examines popular third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. 

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO

It’s no secret that the majority of U.S. citizens detest both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But what other option do Americans have? At present, the general consensus is that to vote for a third-party candidate is to ensure either Trump or Clinton wins.

As John Oliver explains, that’s not exactly true. At the same time, are Jill Stein of the Green Party or Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party better choices for President? In some ways, yes. And if you ask the average Millennial voter, they’ll likely list reasons why one should support either option.

However, further inspection of both party’s platforms unearths a number of policies few are likely to be in favor of – let alone the majority of America. Fortunately, John Oliver of “Last Week Tonight,” which airs on HBO, gives an in-depth examination of what both candidates stand for in the video below.

While it is unlikely any citizen will leave the polls feeling 100% confident in who they cast their vote for this November, at least now they might be a bit more educated on all of the options – even if it is “choosing between the lesser of four evils,” as John Oliver explains.

Watch the “Last Week Tonight” segment below to learn more about third-party options in America:

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