[Watch] Jeff Bridges Has A Powerful Message For The World Concerning Plastic Pollution

“When did we become a plastic society?”

A water bottle, a plastic fork, the wrapping on a new CD… It doesn’t matter, right? It’s trash – who cares?

Well, future generations and wildlife, that’s who.

Did you know that enough plastic has been thrown away to circle the globe four times? What about the fact that the average American throws away 185 pounds of plastic each year? Does it matter that 50% of the plastic used on this planet is discarded after one use?

Are you second-guessing your own contribution to the great garbage patches in the oceans – the largest which is twice the size of Texas? We hope so.

The fact of the matter is that plastic pollution is a very real problem, one that affects every living being on this planet. Until every individual decides to be accountable and live more consciously, however, little will change.

Well-known actor Jeff Bridges addresses just this in the powerful video (by Plastic Pollution Coalition) below, and the message is one worth taking to heart.

Credit: Plastic Pollution Coalition / Credit:

Credit: Plastic Pollution Coalition / Credit:

Recycling is not a sustainable solution, as plastic never goes away. The best way to lessen your carbon footprint on this planet is to eat fresh, local food which doesn’t need packaging, and to use containers that can be re-used (such as glass and stainless steel). Raising awareness about the plight will also ensure future generations have a hospitable and nurturing planet to live on as they make the world a better place.

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