[Watch] Italians Try American Snacks For The First Time? And Aren?t Impressed.

Some of the foods include beef jerky, fruit rollups, and Pringles. Watch the taste experiment below:

Why can individuals with numerous food sensitivities travel to European destinations renowned for their cuisine (like Italy), and have little to no digestive ails?

Many believe it is because European citizens, chefs, and the government care more about the quality of their food than locations like, for example, the United States. And they may have a point.

In countries renowned for their world-class cuisine, chefs will spend days perfecting a baguette recipe, whereas in the United States it?s as-fast-as-possible production of food-like products for profit. No doubt this sacrifices quality, flavor, and the nutritional content substantially.

But other factors may contribute to this curiosity:?It is said that most gluten-containing grains in the United States (wheat, barley, rye) are all genetically modified due to cross-contamination. In addition, no cheap canola oil is used in exchange for pure, unrefined olive oil in Europe. And finally, the quality of crops grown without pesticides (containing ingredients like glyphosate)?have been

found to be?more nutritious,?and therefore also?easier to digest.

All or none may be contributing factors, but they are definitely important to note as the quality of the food supply is what will be nourishing present citizens and incoming generations, and therefore should not be sacrificed.

But in regards to how different American food may be in comparison to Italian cuisine taste-wise, BuzzFeed recently conducted an experiment to capture the vast contrast. With Americans consuming 70%+ of their fare now in processed form, the offerings match what an average citizen in the US might pick up for their family any given day of the week.

Unsurprisingly, the Italian participants weren?t very impressed.

?Guys, there are other things to eat.?Really.”

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