Watch How This Dad Reacted When His Gay Twin Sons Came Out To Him On YouTube

Tear-jerking viral video shows twins calling their Dad to tell them they are gay

Twins Aron and Austin Rhodes are gay, and everyone in their family knows about it- except for their Dad. The twins decided to make a YouTube video to let him in on the secret, calling him while the camera is rolling.

Both twins are visibly nervous and upset, and start crying before they have even got the words out. When Austin says: “I don’t want you to not love us anymore,” his Dad cuts in.

“Stop it. Would you just stop. It’s the way things are, y’know?” Despite being a little lost for words, their supportive father does tell them: “You know I love you both. That’ll never change.”

This is a really emotional clip that will hopefully provide support to thousands of people out there who are terrified of coming out to their family, and it’s positive proof that these things usually work out better than you ever could have imagined.

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