[Watch] ‘Family Guy’ Makes A Mockery Of SeaWorld In Humorous Segment

Before SeaWorld announced it would end its captive orca breeding program, the TV show 'Family Guy' took a swipe at the marine park establishment.

Last week, SeaWorld announced to the world that it would officially put an end to its orca breeding program and end all circus acts. The historic decision was largely a result of the controversial documentary Blackfish, which educated consumers on the horrors of keeping marine mammals in cramped enclosures away from their kin.

As TrueActivist reported, the marine park establishment made the big shift after partnering with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). According to HSUS, “These changes are something that advocates have been urging for years and I think SeaWorld will find that visitors will reward their actions with a renewed interest in the parks.”

After the news went viral, few held back from expressing their thoughts on the matter, including noted celebrities and TV shows.

In fact, earlier this month, Seth MacFarlane’s show ‘Family Guy’ took a swipe at the establishment in one of its episodes. In the humorous clip (above), the show makes a mockery of SeaWorld in a characteristically unique fashion.

McFarlane is no stranger to animal causes, as The Dodo reports. In the past, he’s spoken up for animal welfare on his film sets. In addition, he tweeted his support for Cecil the lion when the iconic cat was killed by dentist Walter Palmer last year.

Since the documentary’s release in 2013, SeaWorld’s share price has halved. That known, anyone could have guessed that, sooner or later, the company would make drastic changes. At least now, life is easier for ‘Shampeters’ and other marine wildlife.

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