[Watch] Elephant Walks With Prosthetic Leg After Traumatic Accident

Mosha is the first elephant in the world to receive a prosthetic. Watch as she receives her new upgrade!

Thanks to the aid of a prosthetic limb, an elephant named Mosha is walking more comfortably.

When just 7 months old, Mosha’s right leg was lost in a landmine explosion. Thankfully, Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital came to her aid. The rescue center in Thailand is the oldest elephant hospital in the world and has been assisting the beautiful creatures for decades, reports PLOS Blogs.

Credit: MOSHA/Facebook

Mosha tries out a new leg in 2011. Credit: MOSHA/Facebook

Since 2008, Mosha has been outfitted with a few prosthetic legs (and, in fact, is the first elephant in the world to receive a prosthesis!). Unfortunately, she soon outgrows them, for she can munch on up to 330 pounds of vegetation a day!

For this reason, Therdchai Jivacate, a doctor who specializes in human amputations, has advocated for her to receive new ones as needed, which is usually every few years.

He told The Daily Telegraph in 2009: “When she cannot walk, she is going to die.” 

Credit: MOSHA / Facebook

Credit: MOSHA / Facebook

Thanks to the help of compassionate, knowledgable humans, Mosha recently received a new upgrade!  (Watch that video above)

You can learn more about the elephant’s heart-warming journey by visiting the Facebook page dedicated to her.

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