[Watch] Dozens Of Dogs Rescued In South Korea Before Slaughter

Thanks to Humane Society International, twenty-six dogs and puppies were rescued before becoming victims of the dog meat industry. Now, they?re available for adoption in the US!

Twenty-six dogs and puppies were rescued before slaughter in South Korea, thanks to?Humane Society International (HSI). The organization stepped in to save dozens of dogs who were inches away from becoming victims of the nation?s dog meat industry.

As you can witness in the video above, HSI?s animal rescue team not only rescued the gorgeous pups but helped the farm shut its doors for good. This is its?fourth rescue this year, reports?IBTimes.?

Believe it or not, these happy-go-lucky dogs spent most of their lives in tiny wire cages that lacerated their paws. With little stimulation, the dogs were slowly becoming insane – until HSI stepped in.

The captured victory is certainly worth sharing. Thanks to the animal rights organization, these dogs will all be able to live long, happy lives (and are available for adoption in the United States). Most importantly, their value is no longer based on the price their meat will fetch at market.

Credit: HSI

Credit: HSI

You may turn your nose up at the dog meat industry, but do keep in mind that the meat industry in the Western world isn?t much different from what is shown above. In fact, pigs are as intelligent as 3-year-old children and, if given an opportunity at life, can be incredibly playful and social creatures.

If you?re interested in learning more about this issue and how HSI is working to end the cruelty of dog meat farming, visit their website.

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