[Watch] Donald Sutherland Has An Eerie Message About ‘The Hunger Games’

When asked if the dark dystopian films have a specific message, this is what the Hollywood actor said...

In a rare example of a Hollywood star rebelling against the establishment, Hunger Games actor Donald Sutherland spoke out against the ruling elite in a recent interview to promote the third instalment of the movie franchise.

When asked if the dark dystopian films have a specific message, Sutherland said:

“I will tell you. It is the powers that be in the United States of America. It’s profiteers: War is for profit; it’s not to save the world, or to spread democracy, or for king and country. No,” he says.Bullshit.”

“And the young people who see this film must realise that in the future, blind faith in your leaders will get you dead.”

The anti-war stance is clear, but it’s Sutherland’s last line that is eerie: he seems to be telling fans that trusting the government is dangerous, period.

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