Watch As This Abused Dog Gets Petted For The First Time…

This powerful video should turn everyone into an animal rights advocate.

*Warning* If you are sensitive, please watch this video without sound.

On November 11th, rescuer worker Monica Mitreanu uploaded a video to Facebook of a frightened dog responding to her kind attempt to soothe him. As you can hear and see, the dog is screaming, absolutely terrified of being touched.

The abused dog was taken to the Breasta Animal Shelter in Craiova, Romania. The capital is known as “The European Capital of Canine Cruelty” for the brutal way it handles shelter animals. 

Thankfully, this poor dog’s story gets better…

Fox 29 reports that Monica continued to post updates, showing the dog, renamed Kane, enjoying plenty of cuddles and looking much more content.

By December 19, he was transported to the UK for fostering.

Kerry Wollacott, who works with a team of rescuers, commented that Kane will be staying in foster care for the time being until he builds up his confidence. He will soon find his furrever home, however!

Thanks to the kindness of humans who recognize that all beings are worthy of love and respect, Kane is learning to trust and love again.

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