Was Trump’s “Surprise” Win Planned All Along? A Possibility Americans Can’t Afford To Ignore

Though Trump's win shocked many, there are numerous indications suggesting that this outcome was planned all along.


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Trump’s win came as a surprise to many, particularly Hillary Clinton supporters who had been lulled into a false sense of complacency by over-sampled polls showing that a Clinton win was “inevitable.” Many of Trump’s supporters saw the new President-elect as an “anti-establishment” candidate who would “drain the swamp” that the US political elite have let fester for decades. However, as True Activist has mentioned several times, Trump’s ties to the Clintons and other elites have cast doubt on this perception. Now that Trump has won the election, this begs the question – was this all planned from the beginning? Though we can’t be 100% certain either way, it’s worth investigating the evidence suggesting that this may have been the case.

Many True Activist readers are likely familiar with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s quote “Presidents aren’t elected, they are selected.” Roosevelt, himself having served as the US’ 32nd President, surely knew how the process worked. Roosevelt, like nearly all US presidents before and after him, were born into elite families, many of whom are connected. In fact, all but one US president are related to the same English monarch. George W. Bush, for example, is directly related to 16 other presidents. It turns out that both candidates who ran in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share that same lineage and are also related to each other. Clinton and Trump also share another common ancestor, King Edward III of England. To the global elite who really pull the strings in the United States and elsewhere, one’s genetic lineage matters a great deal. Even mainstream media outlets like Salon have commented on the phenomenon saying “it would appear that the political system often rewards the candidates who have DNA advantages in the form of a respected family name.” There is a clearly a dynastic process at work within American politics, and Trump is a part of it, though perhaps unwittingly.

Apart from Trump’s inclusion in the United States Presidential “dynasty,” his friendly relationship with the Clintons and his back-tracking of key campaign promises following his win cast further doubt on his perceived status as an “outsider.” Trump has long praised the Clintons for their policies and “service” to the United States. They had front row seats at his 2005 wedding and praised Clinton’s failed presidential bid in 2008 as well as Bill Clinton’s policies. Bill Clinton even personally called Trump 2 weeks before he announced his candidacy. Despite his campaign rhetoric to the contrary, Trump’s first post-election interview saw him call the Clintons “gracious” and “very smart.” He also mentioned having “great chemistry” with Obama after finally meeting despite his years of slamming the current president. Trump has now back-tracked on major promises of his campaign such as repealing Obamacare, prosecuting Clinton for her numerous crimes, and others. Does this suggest that he will follow the same elite agenda that Clinton supported? Remember that only three years before running for President, Trump called for open borders globally, essentially an endorsement for the elite’s plan for a one world government.

Yet, one of the most convincing reasons of all has been discussed by Trump supporters themselves. The US and much of the global economy is facing a huge economic crisis, which will dwarf that which took place in 2008. The issues that led to 2008, including reckless bank behavior and the removal of bank regulations, have not been fixed – they have gotten worse. One of the most striking facts about this situation is the national debt, though there are many more indicators that the economy is in dangerous territory. Prior to this year, the $19 trillion dollar national debt has been partly owned by foreign nations, the federal reserve, Social Security-driven Intragovernmental holdings, and the US public.

Now, foreign nations have dumped nearly all of their US debt and have stopped purchasing it. The federal reserve cannot print more money without collapsing the dollar. Social security is reaching its limits, leaving the US public to shoulder the burden. This means either the US public will go bankrupt buying the debt or the US government will go bankrupt printing currency just to pay off old debt. Either way, the economic storm soon to arrive to the US will be blamed on President Trump, giving the US elite the perfect scapegoat for a mess the privately-owned US central banks and elite-controlled private banks have created. If this is the case, the elite can conveniently say “Look America, this is what happens when you elect ‘anti-establishment’ candidates.” Regardless of whether Trump is intentionally part of this or not, it is highly plausible that the outcome of last week’s election was what the elite were planning all along.

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