Walmart Wages Are So Low, Workers Have To Donate Food To Eachother

Just one of many unbelievable things about the corp that pushed thousands of staff to go on strike

Walmart workers and their supporters have been on strike around the country since Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. They walked out for the third year in a row to protest low wages, which leave many dependent on food stamps and second or third jobs just to survive.

Walmart is owned by the richest family in America and is the country´s biggest corporation. It employs 825,000 low wage workers in the US, and made $16 billion profit last year. Despite the corporation´s mind-blowing wealth, it has refused to increase wages and instead set up a food bin scheme where workers can donate food to each other- something its workers say is a slap in the face.

Wages in the USA are their lowest rate since 1948 (although productivity has increased), and Walmart staff are demanding a living rate of $15 per hour. They accuse Walmart of threatening and bullying staff who dare to speak out about their treatment.

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