Vigilante Motorcyclist Stops Litterbugs In Their Tracks And Throws Their Trash Back At Them [Watch]

No litterbug gets past this motorcyclist.

Credit: Bored Panda

Credit: Bored Panda

Littering has always been a problem and its environmental and financial impact on nations is heavy. Certain kinds of trash can pose serious threats to animals, as they can get trapped while scavenging through the trash or simply trying to step through it. The trash also attracts other insects and rodents, damaging the ecosystem because of the invading diseases brought by the creatures. Any litter?that makes its way into bodies of water is very dangerous to marine life that is attracted to it and the ecosystems where the trash lands.

Cleaning up litter is also very expensive; in the U.S. alone, clean-up costs $11.5 billion every year. This adversely affects the nation because this is a huge sum of money that could be used on infrastructure, education, improving local communities, and other organizations whose budgets are cut short.

One activist, an anonymous YouTuber in Russia, has recognized the negative impact that littering has on the world and has decided to take the matter into her own hands. Video of her traveling around on her motorcycle and catching litterbugs red-handed has made its rounds on YouTube because of her straightforward approach.

The woman identifies individuals in cars who have thrown their trash out onto the street and utilizes speed and the convenience her bike provides to teach them a lesson. First, she picks up the trash that they have just thrown out their window?and then proceeds to follow them.

Once she catches up to them, she takes their trash (or, at one point, more accessible trash nearby) and throws it back into their window and straight at the culprit.

Her method may be extreme, but it’s sure to cause those litterbugs to think twice before they dump trash on the streets again. Throwing away trash into receptacles isn’t difficult, but it’s these people that contribute to the horrible pollution that are causing the state of the Earth to decline even more rapidly.

Though her influence on stopping litterbugs may be small, it’s the effort that counts and the possible lesson that these people, and others that participate in littering who also saw the video, that can minutely impact the world.

Watch the video below to see the vigilante in action.

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