Video Project Evokes Human Compassion For Refugees By “Looking Beyond Borders” [Watch]

Watch this emotional video of the reactions between Europeans and refugees as they stare at each other for four minutes in an effort to better understand each other.

Credit: Amnesty International

Credit: Amnesty International

Psychologist Arthur Aron famously published a list of 36 questions partners or new love interests can ask each other to make them feel closer and perhaps to go so far as to fall in love. The questions are meant to be followed up by a period of staring into each others’ eyes for four minutes straight, silently.

That four minute gaze is the premise of “Look Beyond Borders,” a video project aimed to capture the natural reactions of Europeans and refugees looking into each others’ eyes and seeing real humans, not just another number, statistic, or anonymous migrant.

The creator of the project, Amnesty International, recognized that these refugees are not being seen as human and are instead being viewed as political topics and points of contention. The director of the organization said,

“Too often, what gets lost in the numbers and headlines is the suffering of actual people, who, like us, have families, friends, their own stories, dreams and goals. What if we stopped for just a moment and looked at who they really are??Borders exist between countries, not people. And it is imperative that our governments start putting people before borders and their own short-term political gain.?

Credit: Amnesty International

Credit: Amnesty International

The video is touching in many ways and the reactions are extremely varied, especially considering the different ages of the participants and what each has endured.

Each refugee, most of them from Syria, has been in Europe for less than a year, so their memories of the life/country/home they were fleeing from are fresh and so are their emotions.

These emotions navigate the interactions?through the?pain, relief, and wonder that plays out through each person’s eyes.

A simple show of compassion towards these people whose lives have changed forever is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Watch the video for yourself to see the heartwarming reactions.

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