Victory! Mexico’s Supreme Court Approves Same-Sex Marriage

The ban on same-sex marriages in Mexico has been declared unconstitutional in all states across the country.

Credit: Cris Bouroncle

Credit: Cris Bouroncle

Did you know? In countries such as Kenya, Africa, it is illegal for an individual to be openly homosexual. In fact, ‘coming out’ may result in someone being beaten or even being killed in conservative, less progressive locations.

For this reason, it is something to celebrate that across the whole country of Mexico, same-sex couples may now get married.

The New York Times reports that in mid-May, the President of Mexico submitted a proposal to Congress to legalize marriage among same-sex couples and help break the long-held taboos held prevalent in Latin America. This follows a published jurisprudential thesis by the Supreme Court of Justice last year which deems it unconstitutional for states to ban same-sex marriage.

The court did not explicitly state that same-sex marriage is now legal, but the decision is seen as having the same effect.

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Unsurprisingly, there’s been much resistance from staunch conservatives about the issue. After all, 80% of Mexican residents are Catholic, and the church does not condone homosexuality.

Despite opposition, nearly 70% of Latin America now allows couples of the same sex to get married. Argentina was the first to legalize it, followed by Brazil and Uruguay.

Humberto Castillejos, the president’s legal counsel, told the press:

“We are changing the concept that marriage is only to propagate the species. It cannot only be to procreate children.”


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The ruling might face obstacles along the way, but according to Professor Estefanía Vela Barba, an associate law professor in Mexico City, “These couples will be able to get married in their state, regardless of their own state policy and whether it allows LGBT people to marry.”

The world still has a long way to go to ensure equal rights for all, but Mexico’s recent step forward is positive news for all.

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