Vatican Signs Treaty Recognizing The State Of Palestine


The Vatican announced this week that they will be formally recognizing the state of Palestine, with a treaty that shifts diplomatic allegiance from the Palestinian Liberation Organization to the state of Palestine.

Reverend Federico Lombardi, a spokesman for the Vatican told the Associated Press that the new treaty was in fact a recognition of the state of Palestine. “Yes, it’s a recognition that the state exists,” he said.

Until now the population of Palestine has been under the control of Israel, and puppet committees that are set up to pose as representatives for the people.

Politicians in Israel are already condemning the treaty, as it works against their interests of occupying the Palestinian territory.

“This move does not promote the peace process and distances the Palestinian leadership from returning to direct and bilateral negotiations. Israel will study the agreement and will consider its steps accordingly,” a representative with the Israeli foreign ministry told the AP.

Earlier this week, we reported that?Pope Francis made some extremely strong comments about how powerful people profit from war. This new move is the latest in a long line of unprecedented statements by the Pope, possibly signaling a shift in the politics of the Vatican.

Though the issues in the Middle East may seem complicated with how drawn out the peace talks are and how much the media confuses the issue, things really are not that difficult.? It is important to address the corruption that exists within the Zionist government or else the international business interests will continue to use Israel and its people for their own imperialistic needs.? They are the ones who are creating and profiting from these conflicts, not the Israeli or Palestinian people.? The Israeli people are forced into military lives and convinced to fight a war that isn?t theirs, while the Palestinians are sold out and manipulated by their ?leaders? as well.? Both the Palestinian and Israeli people are honest, decent human beings that just want peace.? The average citizens of both groups are tired of the fighting and really wish to live in harmony with their fellow human beings.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.

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