US – Russia Tensions Continue To Escalate As World War Inches Closer

Russia is preparing its citizens for war, while the US discourages and even criminalizes its own citizens for doing the same.


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Ever since the end of the second World War, US and Russian relationships have been decidedly problematic. However, it seems that the US is hell-bent on reviving, and perhaps even outdoing, the dangerous geopolitical tensions of the Cold War era, which could embroil much of the world in catastrophic nuclear war. Over the past several weeks, escalating tensions between the United States and Russia have brought both nations to a point unseen since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. However, this time around, there are indeed some major differences.

The most staggering of these is the Obama Administration’s and Mainstream Media’s push to create anti-Russian hysteria and bolster support for dangerous foreign policy that is taking “brinkmanship” to the next level. The US, with media complicity, appears to be, not just pushing world nuclear war, but selling it to the public as a necessity to “punish” Russia for meddling” in the US election and for its “war crimes” in the Middle East – accusations which are largely based on pure speculation.

Yet, Russia has taken a different tone in confronting the rising tensions as they have sought to inform and prepare their citizens for a potential nuclear war while also seeking to renew diplomatic cooperation with the US over the US-Russia proxy war in Syria. Even though diplomatic cooperation dissolved between the two nation’s after the US and its allies violated a ceasefire agreement over 300 times, Russia appears to be trying to renew diplomatic ties by organizing a US-Russia talks in Lausanne, Switzerland, which will take place this Saturday. Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iran will also be present, which suggests this well-meaning gesture will be doomed to fail before it even begins.

Other Russian actions, however, seem to imply that they have no illusions regarding the infinitesimally small likelihood of reaching a diplomatic breakthrough this Saturday. Just yesterday, Russia media reported that Russian state officials and government workers were told to bring back their children and family members currently residing abroad – effective immediately. The “recommendation” applies to all government employees, from administrative staff to high-ranking lawmakers. A source named in the Russian report said that those employees who do not comply with the edict will find complications “in the furtherance of their public sector career.” This shocking move by the Russian government comes only a few weeks after a massive, nationwide nuclear attack drill that involved 40 million Russians, which unequivocally shows that Russia is taking the threat of nuclear war very, very seriously.

If the Obama administration is pushing for a military conflict with Russia, why are they not urging US citizens to prepare? Where are the drills and the attempts to keep diplomacy alive? Given that Russia is taking this scenario so seriously, it is shocking that the US public is intentionally being kept in the dark about how close to war the US and Russia really are. Other nations like Germany are telling its citizens to stockpile food and water for “civil defense” in case war breaks out. Yet, it’s not just that the US isn’t warning its citizens to prepare for the worst – the US government has actually moved to criminalize it.

Stockpiling food and water in the US can get you on a terrorist watch-list, even if you just have more than 7 days worth of food in your own home. Even buying a simple flashlight is enough for US citizen’s to be watch-listed. If the US is so hell bent on pushing war with Russia, why are they intent on keeping its own citizens woefully unprepared?

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