US Government Interrogates Pakistani Politician Imran Khan in Canada Because of His Anti US Drone Sentiments

The United States Government’s paranoia over political statements made by politicians from sovereign nations has been exposed.

Imran Khan, a former cricketer and now politician in Pakistan, was forcibly removed from a flight to New York in Toronto Canada because of his out spoken views against United States drone strikes in Pakistan andAfghanistan.

The Unites States Customs and Border Protection agency, with the permission of Canadian authorities, reportedly interrogated Mr Khan for over an hour because of his anti-drone sentiments.

When Mr Khan was released by US Customs and Border Protection agency officials, he immediately sent a Tweet to explain why he was interrogated. He said:

I was taken off from plane and interrogated by U.S. Immigration in Canada on my views on drones. My stance is known. Drone attacks must stop

THE purpose of Mr Khan entering the United States was to attend a fundraising event in New York.

According to United States government officials, Mr Khan is considered to be an enemy of the United States because of his personal views and unsubstantiated claims that he supports the Taliban.

US Customs and Border Protection agency logoHowever, It has been argued that the real reason why the United States are monitoring Mr Khan and interrogated him in Toronto was because of his unwillingness to become a puppet of the United States Government, as other Pakistani politicians have.

In an interview held on CBC, when asked about how he would handle the strained relationship between the United States and Pakistan, Mr Khan said he would be a friend of the U.S., but not “a stooge” and that “A friend should tell the other friend what is good for them. A military solution is a disaster for the U.S., it’s a disaster for the people of Pakistan.”

So how far is the United States Government willing to enter the territory of sovereign nations to enforce its own failed policies and intimidate innocent officials? This example proves that they are willing to do so any cost.

Considering that a new study recently revealed that US drone strikes in Pakistan have killed more innocent civilians than intended (Source: CNN), I wonder how many other officials, activists and civilians are being monitored and harassed?