US Army: ‘Super Soldier’ Genetically Modified Humans Won’t Need Food, Sleep

US Army: ‘Super Soldier’ Genetically Modified Humans Won’t Need Food, SleepThe next frontier of genetic modification is not centered around a certain  fruit or vegetable, but humans. More specifically, military personnel. Genetically modified humans is the next venture for  biotechnology companies working with the United States military, with the  admitted goal of producing a ‘super soldier’ that does not require food or sleep  to perform Olympic-style physical feats.

The genetically modified humans, or ‘super soldiers’, will even be able to regrow limbs that were destroyed by enemy  fire and live off of their fat stores for extreme lengths of time.

Backed by $2 billion a year in funding, the Pentagon’s Defence Advanced  Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently unleashed the news after years of  secret experimentation and study. The organization did not say whether or not  genetically modified humans currently exist to such an extent, however it is  known based on previous reports that human chimeras have already  been created outside of the public spotlight. Such scientific experiments  have drawn fire from scientists and activists alike, who are demanding for laws  to forbid the creation of ‘monsters’.

As of right now, DARPA has a functioning exoskeleton that enables soldiers to  run far faster and handle heavy weights. This is but a step in the direct of  full modification of the genetic coding of soldiers.

DARPA, of course, has earned the nickname of the ‘mad scientist’ wing for its  rampant experiments in modifying life and fusing biology and technology. In  working with killer drones, DARPA earlier this year was developing research into  contact lens-mounted displays that could transport information from  drones into the eyeballs of soldiers. Furthermore, the agency is also  developing helmets in which the soldiers could communicate ‘telepathically’ with the kill drones.

The announcement ties in with the 2045  project, which I’ve covered in the past. The project offers ‘immortality’ to  the wealthy elite who financially back it, and touts artificial bodies and  brains for humans to achieve ‘immortality’. This entire system, of course, ties  into a larger ‘singularity’ project as outlined by the creator of the 2045 plan  and others like Ray Kurzweil. In a nut shell, ‘consciousness singularity’ can be  defined by a merging of all ‘transhuman’ bodies into one ‘hive mind’ of sorts.  Likely a massive super computer of some sorts that has full control over the  minds of those ‘hooked in’.

It truly sounds insane, yet it is plainly stated out in the open. A number of  issues arise from this singularity plan (not to even mention the fact that ‘soldiers’ are slowly becoming more of DARPA creations than human), such as the  serious threat  to humanity’s very integrity. We’ve seen the many issues regarding  traditional GMOs on public health and the environment, now what about human  modification?