(Update) Homeless Musician Gets A Makeover And New Job!

He stunned individuals when he sat down to a piano and played beautifully, and now he's receiving the deserved opportunity to recreate his life.

Remember Donald Gould, a homeless man in Sarasota, Florida who sat down to a piano and stunned the world with his beautiful rendition of Come Sail Away by Styx? Within four days, the video recording of this event received over three million views and has since gained the former U.S. marine a lot of attention he was not expecting.

As Gould told local media shortly after the video went viral, his impromptu performance was mainly aimed at “making a couple dollars and getting tips.” He had no idea news outlets and inspired individuals would reach out to assist him.

But that’s exactly what happened. Shortly after the video received impressive attention, the 51-year-old’s instant fame resulted in offers of new clothes, a makeover, and a playing gig at a local restaurant.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

As you can see in the video above by Inside Edition, Gould received a makeover and an opportunity to play for paying customers, an experience that is helping him reclaim his self-worth.

“I got a lot of new respect out here today,” Donald Gould told Inside Edition. “I feel pretty confident that I can do it, as long as I keep myself together, you know.”

And that’s not all, Gould says his transformation has also given him the confidence to try to reunite with his son – who he hasn’t seen in more than 15 years.

Stories like this are always so touching because they remind each and every one of us that anything is possible, as well as remind that it’s because of the lows we are able to appreciate the highs in life.

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