Update: Generous Football Stars Install Showers In Hotel For Homeless, Provide Hot Meals

Gary Neville is installing shower units, bathrooms, and lighting to ensure the building is habitable over the winter period, and has arranged for well balanced, nutritious meals to be delivered three times per week.

Credit: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Credit: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Last week, news of two UK football stars allowing a group of homeless individuals to stay in their newly-purchased hotel went viral. As the story goes, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, pro players for Manchester United, purchased the Stock Exchange building in Manchester and have plans to renovate it into a boutique hotel come spring.

During the winter, however, they have agreed to allow a group of thirty homeless individuals take up ?residence in the building to keep warm. Manchester Angels, the homeless advocacy group that first led the group of squatters to the building, intends to use the gifted opportunity to bring in social services that can benefit the thirty young men, such as health care and recovery programs.

The pro football stars must have enjoyed the insta-fame for helping the less fortunate, for they have recently taken a few more steps to benefit the group during the winter.

As GoodNewsNetwork relays, Manchester Angels shared on Facebook last Wednesday an update about the latest kindness from Neville:

?He is paying for electricians; plumbers; builders and other tradesmen to come and install temporary shower units; bathrooms; toilets; lighting etc so that the building is habitable over the winter period.?

A few days after that announcement, they also reported:

?Gary Neville is arranging for Hotel Football Old Trafford to make an evening meal for the homeless men on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays so that they get a well-balanced nutritious meal three times a week from his chefs. Thank you Gary.?

Such inspiring displays of activism and kindness are rare in our world.

Credit: Mirror.co.uk

Credit: Mirror.co.uk

On October 22nd, Neville?s brother-in-law received an immense amount of praise, as well, for ?all he is doing to make this work.??

Shared Manchester Angels:

?In 5 days he?s gone from being a property developer to a counsellor; psychiatrist; housing advisor; negotiator; caterer; and recovery worker. Such a genuine down-to-earth bloke who?s not intimidated by pressure and handles situations perfectly.?

For those who do not believe Neville’s kindness is truly benefiting the homeless population in Manchester, the non-profit organization has addressed this concern?here.

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