Unhappy Meal: Human Tooth Discovered In McDonalds French Fry

Just when you thought McDonalds couldn't sicken you any more, it gets worse

McDonald’s is at the center of another controversy after a woman in Japan found a human tooth in a french fry. The corporation apologized at a press conference, and released a statement saying that nobody in the restaurant’s assembly line had lost a tooth. They also claimed the tooth did not appear to have been fried (the question is, would it look any different if it had?)

Takehiko Aoki, a senior vice president at McDonald’s Holding Co (Japan) Ltd said these were ‘isolated incidents’ and that the unusual finds did not signify an issues with quality control. He added that he would happily feed McDonald’s food to his own children.

Here are horrifying facts about McDonald’s food and their recent transparency campaign that backfired.

We’ll probably never know how the tooth ended up inside a french fry. But one thing is certain: the sheer number of fast food scandals in recent years- plastic, blue fibres, maggots and more found in burgers and nuggets around the world- should be enough for us to stop eating this crap once and for all. Click on the links below for more content on this topic, and please share!

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