UN Report Says Gaza Could Be “Uninhabitable” In Next 5 Years


The mainstream news media and political class like to pretend that the situation in Gaza is complicated and unexplainable, but the entire conflict is extremely easy to figure out when examined without nationalistic ideologies or geographical preferences. It is a matter of obvious and provable fact that Israel is an apartheid state that controls most of Palestine, especially Gaza, much like a massive concentration camp. Although the Palestinians are not able to organize politically in their own territory, and they technically are not a part of the Israel territory, they are still under the strict control of the Israel police and military, in fact, they are more controlled by the Israeli government than the actual citizens of Israel are.

In addition to military checkpoints and constant military patrols, the people of Gaza are separated from the natural resources that they need by a massive wall, and there is a strict blockade preventing them from engaging in trade with other countries, or even from receiving aid. This situation, compounded by relentless military attacks, has resulted in a situation where the area is nearly uninhabitable for the people who live there. It was even stated in a recent United Nations report that Gaza could become “uninhabitable” in the next 5 years.

According to the report:

“Gaza could become uninhabitable by 2020 due to ongoing de-development, eight years of economic blockade and three military operations in the past six years. In addition to the 500,000 people who have been displaced in Gaza as a result of the most recent military operation in 2014, the report estimates significant economic losses, including the destruction or severe damage of more than 20,000 Palestinian homes, 148 schools and 15 hospitals and 45 primary health-care centres……

The social, health and security-related ramifications of the high population density and overcrowding are among the factors that may render Gaza unliveable by 2020, if present trends continue. Reconstruction efforts are extremely slow relative to the magnitude of devastation, and Gaza’s local economy did not have a chance to recover.”

The Palestinians have been tossed out into the wilderness, displaced from their homes and most of them are only asking for the ability to work, trade, and own property. To be given this freedom would prevent them from being displaced again and would establish a proper economy so the Palestinian people can have a fighting chance to become a thriving society. The American government, which is also a banker-backed colony, used these same policies to wipe out the native people that inhabited North America. The Native Americans were also treated as exiles on their own land and were pushed further and further away from their homes until the only places left for them were small reservations that were mostly in the desert. This is the kind of policy that the ruling class wishes to carry out in Palestine using the Zionist party as a political front.

Though the issues in the Middle East may seem complicated with how drawn out the peace talks are and how much the media confuses the issue, things really are not that difficult. It is important to address the corruption that exists within the Zionist government or else the international banking cartels will continue to use Israel and its people for their own imperialistic needs. They are the ones who are creating and profiting from these conflicts, not the Israeli or Palestinian people. The Israeli people are forced into military lives and convinced to fight a war that isn’t theirs while the Palestinians are sold out and manipulated by their “leaders” as well. Both the Palestinian and Israeli people are honest, decent human beings that just want peace. The average citizens of both groups are tired of the fighting and really wish to live in harmony with their fellow human beings.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.

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