Two Guys Adopted The Wrong Pig. This Is Why She Was The Best Mistake They Ever Made

Esther 'the wonderpig' inspired them to turn vegan and open an animal sanctuary

When Canadians Steve and Derek adopted Esther the pig, they thought she was a pygmy piglet. It turns out she wasn’t. Esther, a full-size commercial pig, is now two years old and weighs 667 lbs. Pigs are as intelligent as dogs, and are surprisingly clean. Realizing their beloved pet was smart and had a personality made Steve and Derek consider all the other pigs like her they were eating, so they became vegans.

Not only that, but Esther inspired the men to build an animal shelter, and they have been overwhelmed by support from fans around the world. Find out more on Esther’s facebook page here or visit To understand factory farming methods and the campaign against them, see more True Activist posts herehere and here.

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