Trump’s Vocabulary Doesn’t Exceed Middle-School Level, Say Researchers

The Republican frontrunner claims to “have the best words,” but he actually has the lowest grade level of vocabulary and grammar compared to other presidential hopefuls.

Remember when Donald Trump once declared at a rally, “I have the best words”? Well, according to researchers from Carnegie Mellon, the majority of  his “best words” reside at a middle-school level.

When a number of Trump’s speeches were analyzed by researchers Elliot Schumacher and Maxine Esenazi from Carnegie Mellon, it was determined that the current business tycoon has the lowest grade level of vocabulary and grammar compared to all other presidential hopefuls.

This shouldn’t be surprising to those who listen to his off-the-cuff ramblings. Trump isn’t too big on platitudes, and more-often-than-not, his ideas fall flat on specifics.

Nonetheless, he has garnered an impressive following of citizens who mainly like him “because he’s not a politician.”

How do the other candidates compare?

By analyzing the candidates’ speeches, the researchers determined that Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz both speak at an eighth-grade reading level and Marco Rubio (who has now dropped out) speaks just below a tenth-grade level.

Bernie Sanders was found to speak the most eloquently of the pack, with his speeches being made at an eleventh-grade level. Perhaps this is because he’s taking on notable issues, such as Monsanto and corruption in government agencies?

In a previous analysis, The Boston Globe actually determined Trump to speak at a fourth-grade level. The researchers concluded this using the Flesch-Kincaid readability test, which grades based on sentence length and the number of syllables per word.

GOOD reports that there is a definite correlation between his simple speaking style and those who are inclined to vote for him. A recent study conducted by The New York Times found that “in the places where support for him runs the strongest, the proportion of the white population that didn’t finish high school is relatively high.”

Evangelical Christians, segregationists, “proud Americans”, and mobile home-dwelling individuals are also more likely to support Trump as president, according to Newsmax.

Undoubtedly, it’s intriguing.

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