Trump To Sign Executive Order Banning Citizens And Refugees From Entering U.S.

It would be his 13th executive order in the last week.

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President Donald Trump has only been in office for 7 days and has already signed 12 executive orders as of Wednesday; to put this into perspective, if he were to continue at this rate, he would have signed 164 more executive orders than Barack Obama and George W. Bush put together in his first year alone.

His orders have addressed a number of issues ranging from the U.S. withdrawal from the TPP and immigration policies, but what’s yet to be signed is what’s causing a stir just as much as what has already gone into effect. Trump and officials that were briefed on the matter in a national security meeting have confirmed that a draft has been written up for orders to put a ban on issuing visas for anyone entering the United States from seven different countries. A draft of the executive order can be found here.  

The countries included in the list are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, but some countries have been curiously left off of the list, like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. What’s like not a coincidence is that three of the four countries that are producing the most refugees, Syria, Somalia, and South Sudan, are included. The ban would mean that refugees are completely disallowed from entering the U.S. “temporarily, until we figure out what the hell is going on,” as Trump so famously put it. 

Some have pointed out that this is a modified version of Trump’s promise to ban Muslims from entering the country, as the ban now targets countries rather than a specific religion but the included countries are ones that primarily include people from that religion. The order would also include banning non-Americans that traveled to those countries between now and March 2011.

The move is meant to increase national security and prevent U.S. citizens from becoming victims of ‘jihadist attacks’ according to Trump. The president and Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, have both stated that the countries were chosen based on the ones whose citizens pose the biggest threat to Americans.

A legal battle could ensue if Trump signs this order, according to immigration expert Hiroshi Motomura at UCLA School of Law. Motomura points out that some of the countries Trump is targeting are Muslim-majority nations and that it would be unconstitutional to ban a specific religion.

With President Trump’s immigration-heavy executive orders signed on Wednesday, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is the order he signs next. If anyone doubted that Trump would actually accomplish any of his campaign goals while in office, he is currently proving them wrong within a week of his inauguration. It’s whether these changes are beneficial to the country and the global community that needs to be questioned now.

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