Trump Supporters Are Using The Hashtag #RepealThe19th For A Truly Disgusting Reason

A poll shows that Donald Trump would be elected by a landslide if only men voted, and this has spurred some truly heinous comments on the matter.

Credit: ABC News / Twitter

Credit: ABC News / Twitter

It’s unfortunate that supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are often labeled as uninformed misogynists, but the behavior of quite a few after a recent poll seems to be proving that stereotype true.

After a tweet was shared by pollster Nate Silver showing that Trump would be projected to win by a landslide if only men voted, supporters of the business tycoon quickly took to social media to write some comments on the matter that they can’t take back.

As UsUncut relays, a number of Trump supporters championed the hashtag #repealthe19th and surmised that women are “unfit for the political arena”.

Sadly, a number of women also adopted the hashtag and wrote that they’d be willing to give up their right to vote to ensure Trump is elected. For the women’s rights activists who worked tirelessly to ensure this right was afforded to females in the U.S., this is the equivalent of a slap in the face.

As one might expect, a Twitter feud has erupted on the intent and indecency of the hashtag. Additionally, those who are especially critical of Trump have hijacked the phrase to express their thoughts on its inappropriateness.

Credit: USUncut 

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