Trump Says Hillary Is Linked To ISIS: For Once, He’s Telling The Truth

Who knows what kind of secret deals Hillary will make with companies influencing ISIS if she's elected.

Credit: Conservative Post

Credit: Conservative Post

Donald Trump is one of the only major figures reporting that Hillary has ties to ISIS, but he has “cried wolf” by lying or exaggerating so many times that his supporters are the only ones who believe him, since they believe every word he utters. This time, however, he’s speaking the truth.

Julian Assange stayed true to his promise this week when WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing organization he founded, released documents that linked Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to ISIS, the radical jihadist group.

After WikiLeaks released emails from the DNC that incriminated the committee and Hillary several weeks ago, Assange took to Twitter to say,

“We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

He claimed that the new information would surely end her run for president, but it turns out that this new leak is so damaging that it’s being blacked out from the media, likely at the request of Hillary and her corporate backers.

In a nutshell, WikiLeaks stated,

“Hillary Clinton took cash from, was the director of, company that did deals with ISIS.”

It all started with a cement company named LaFarge, which was recently exposed for its deep relationship with ISIS. The company opened up a cement plant in controversial Aleppo, Syria in 2010, right before the civil war erupted, and paid taxes to the terrorist group in exchange for their cooperation with the plant’s workers. Additionally, they purchased ISIS’ oil for several years in support of the group.

Hillary is linked to LaFarge because she used to be a director for the company from 1990 to 1992, which came after the legal work she did for them in the 1980s.

While she provided legal assistance to LaFarge in the 80s, the company was found to be involved in facilitating CIA support for Saddam Hussein’s secret weapons program.

Credit: Gizmodo

Credit: Gizmodo

Clinton resigned as director in the spring of 1992 to devote herself full-time to Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, but her connection to the company did not end there. Just before Bill’s election, LaFarge was found to be burning hazardous waste at their cement plan, an action that Hillary defended, and charged $1.8 million by the EPA.

After Bill took office, the couple reduced LaFarge’s fines to a mere $600,000, which is even less than a slap on the wrist.

LaFarge was exposed as supporting ISIS just recently, but that hasn’t stopped Clinton from accepting their donation money. The company donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, which is essentially a donation to her campaign. They also gave an undisclosed amount in the first quarter of 2016.

This give-and-take relationship is what makes her relationship with LaFarge so dangerous and irresponsible. If she was willing to encourage a corporation to continue with their illegal and environmentally-damaging practices and accept their money after they’ve been affiliated with ISIS, there’s no telling what backdoor-deals she’ll make with them if she becomes president.

Trump is not qualified to be president in any way, and the country would suffer under his reign, but his attempt to expose Hillary is admirable in the wake of a media blackout and he’s right when he says that Hillary should have been indicted over her email scandal. He went so far as to attempt to pin ISIS’ inception on Hillary, saying at the Republican National Convention,

“In 2009, pre-Hillary, ISIS was not even on the map. Libya was stable. Egypt was peaceful. Iraq was seeing, really a big big reduction in violence. Iran was being choked by sanctions. Syria was somewhat under control. After four years of Hillary Clinton, what do we have? ISIS has spread across the region, and the entire world.”

You can do your own research and find the revealing documents here

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