“Trump Never Intended To Be The Candidate”: Former Trump Strategist Reveals All

What initially began as a desire to send America a message has morphed Trump’s campaign into a charade that “is poised to do irreparable damage to this country” if measures are not taken to stop ‘The Donald’s’ further progression.

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

She began as a passionate Communications Director for Donald Trump’s campaign, a top strategist in the Make America Great Again Super PAC. Fast forward a few months and Stephanie Cegielski is exposing Trump for the fraud that so many believe him to be. Cegielski claims that no one on staff – including Trump himself – intended that his campaign be a legitimate run for the White House. The initial objective was to get Trump to double-digit poll numbers, just enough to rattle the establishment and demonstrate the frustrations of countless Americans who are fed up with the secrecy and inefficiency of Washington D.C.

According to Cegielski’s open letter, Trump never wanted the presidency; rather, he “just wants to say he could have run the White House.” She describes how what began as a true sense of conviction in Trump’s abilities quickly disintegrated into horror at his self-serving, egotistical ways. The internal slogan of “Let Trump be Trump” that ruled the campaign was, as she states, more accurately “Let Trump help Trump”.

Cegielski claims that Trump’s sole and only purpose is to satisfy his self-interests, regardless of who may fall victim in the process. Such is evident in his tendency towards incompetence and deniability. On multiple occasions, Cegielski witnessed Trump using others as scapegoats for issues as small as a tweet containing an error to as large as claiming to incorrectly hear a question when offering an overtly controversial response. His clear lack of self-awareness has been present throughout his entire campaign, with one public gaffe after another doing absolutely nothing to stop his arrogance as his popularity grew.

Cegielski attributes a large part of Trump’s unexpected success to his ability to appeal to the unprecedented anger that resides in many Americans. While she agrees that all Americans have the right to be angry, she cautions that “Trump is not our champion. He would stab any one of his supporters in the back if it earned him a cent more in his pocket.” Trump’s caustic attitude has done what no one anticipated: it has caused more and more people to respond to his campaign, ultimately triggering a vicious cycle that encourages his callousness.

What initially began as a desire to send America a message and increase his prowess as a businessman has morphed Trump’s campaign into a charade that, Cegielski warns, “is poised to do irreparable damage to this country” if measures are not taken to stop ‘The Donald’s’ further progression. She emphasizes that she, too, wanted to believe he was a capable, straightforward candidate; however, his antics have convinced her he is a farce, only out to satisfy his pride and self-interest. Her open letter is intended to convince other supporters to wake up, as she has, so that his chances of becoming President are cut off immediately. As Cegielski urges in her letter, supporters can give Trump the “biggest gift possible” by stopping all support for his MAGA campaign.

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