Tribute For Family Of Soldier Killed Fighting ISIS Raises $200K Overnight

The fallen soldier leaves behind a wife and five children. To ease the family’s financial burden, a GoFundMe campaign was set up. Incredibly, $325,000 was raised in just one week!

Credit: GoFundMe

Casualties in war are inevitable. However, coping with the absence of an individual after they’ve passed never gets easier. Fortunately for the family of Special Forces Sergeant Mark De Alencar, kind people from all around the globe have reached out to honor the military member who was killed while fighting ISIS and in doing so, have greatly alleviated the financial burden the family faces.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that last weekend, Alencar was killed while fighting in Afghanistan. During his time as a Green Beret, he was recognized with over 19 awards and badges, including the Purple Heart, the Iraq Campaign Medal with two stars, Expert Infantryman Badge, and others. He leaves behind a wife and five children.

To honor the fallen soldier, a close friend named Nikki Damron created a GoFundMe campaign to ease the grieving family’s financial burdens. The initial goal was set at $15,000, but incredibly, it raised over $200,000 in one night. One week later, it surpassed $325,000.

On the campaign page, Nikki wrote:

“Mark was a close friend of my husbands and my family, a hard working soldier and more importantly, an amazing father. Our community has been hit hard in the last passing months and I just felt the need to try and do my part and help out his family.

“Joining SF was a huge dream of Marks, one he worked very hard to achieve. As a fellow military wife, I feel it is my duty to make every effort to ensure his wife and family are taken care of,” she added.

War easily paints the world as a terrifying, grim place to live. Fortunately, stories are frequently offered to remind one that plenty of positive happenings occur on this planet, as well. Please share this news and comment your thoughts below!

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