Touching Social Experiment Shows Society Won’t Tolerate Bullying

Although bullying is still a huge problem among kids, this heart-warming video proves that most of us will defend a stranger who is being verbally abused

At least one in three children will be bullied at school. It’s a very sad and frustrating statistic indeed, but here’s the good news: A huge majority of us would step in and stop it from happening, given the chance.

This moving social experiment is proof that bullying is no longer tolerated by society and that generous, kind people are always close by if we need help. It features three girls sitting at a bus stop. One is a little younger than the other two, and they start picking on her for fun. “Did you audition for the show? I heard you sounded like a dead pig,” one girl taunts. Various cruel insults are thrown at the smaller girl, but will any of the adults who overhear these nasty comments step in to help?

Happily, yes they do! From those onlookers who give the older girls a talking-down, to others who offer the younger girl a safe place to sit with them, everyone without exception stands up to the injustice they see. It restores our faith in the kindness of strangers, and motivate us to combat bullying wherever we see it- we often forget how powerful a little love and comfort can be to a stranger in need.

The film, by Rob Bliss Creative in association with UPTV, was made to answer the question: ‘Who will stop the bullies?’, and their conclusion is heartening: ‘All of us.’

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