Top 10 Brain Damage Causing Habits

Brain damage is often a result of unnecessary stress and exposure to air pollutants.

You might reconsider the consequence of these seemingly innocuous habits when you learn how they can inhibit neurological function and cause the brain to age.

1. Understimulation

Remember, for the most part, your comfort zone isn?t doing you any favours. Break away from your normal routine and explore, write, create and travel. Try new things that stimulate the senses. Learning new skills keeps your brain young, and should be a priority at every age.

2. Skipping Breakfast

Not eating breakfast can lead to lower blood sugar levels, which ultimately deprives your brain of nutrients. If your brain isn?t given sufficient nutrition, it begins to degenerate. Eat a healthy, filling breakfast high in protein.

3. Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can cause obstruction of blood flow to the brain, and also can lead to escape of blood into brain tissue. Smoking can cause brain cells to shrink, and has been linked to Alzheimer?s disease, strokes,

4. Eating Sugar

Eating sugar triggers inflammatory responses throughout the body, which ultimately stresses and ages cells. This can effect ?from cognitive function to psychological wellbeing?. Sugar also has been linked to depression and anxiety.

5. Sleep Deprivation

When you?ve chronically been deprived of sleep, the brain is forced to emit stress responses which inflame and incite brain degeneration. Not sleeping naturally induces bad moods, lethargy and leads to depression and weight gain due to cortisol production. If you are in this habit currently, you may not realize it, but once you have a little sleep, you will soon notice the positive effect it has on your brain.

6. Covering Head While Sleeping

If you?re dependent on sleeping with a blanket covering your head then you might want to reconsider. The more ventilation, the better, because you want to be exposed to oxygen. Allow the body and mind to breathe in fresh air? the fresher the better. Open the windows, use fans, light incense, herbs, or aromatherapy.

7. Overeating

When you overindulge on food, the body can become overloaded by the refined sugars and fats, and release stress responses as a result. These types of foods also clog arteries, which can lead to blockages in the brain.

8. Avoiding Change/ Not Speaking

The brain craves intellectual stimulation. Spend time with people who challenge your traditional patterns of thinking. The brain can get into ruts of small-minded thinking, which ultimately inhibit growth. This is how evolution is able to take place, by developing adaptation to our respective environments. Humans need to express themselves verbally and spend time with people who are different from themselves.

9. Air Pollution

Air pollution comes from various sources, and often is a result of off-gassing or radiation. Some citifies experience more air pollution because they use wood-burning stoves or burn carbon in electricity production. You can look up the air quality index in your area, here.

10. Not Resting The Brain

The brain functions like a muscle, and therefore it needs to be rested in order for exercise to be integrated. When the brain experiences the type of relaxation induced by meditation, it clears passages and triggers change on a deep level. This improves cognitive functions. Most daily actions are taking place on a superficial level, which produces a natural anxiety in most people, which is an unhealthy habit. Meditation helps inhibit this type of hyperactivity, stressful mode of the brain.

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