Tony Robbins Rescues 100-Year-Old Woman From Becoming Homeless [Watch]

This elderly woman won?t need to worry about rent for the next two years, thanks to the business guru's generosity.

Now and again, a story is shared which re-inspires faith in humanity. This is one of those tales.

When Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and life coach, heard about 100-year-old Evelyn Heller?s plight in a local newspaper while visiting Palm Desert, California, he decided to do something to help.

According to The Desert Sun, Heller was being evicted from her home because she couldn?t keep the apartment clean. A court ordered her to pay more than $600 dollars in damages to the landlord and another $900 in legal costs. With few options, she was facing life on the streets.

Robbins? generosity saved her, however. With a donation of $24,000, the centenarian won?t need to worry about paying rent for the next two years.

He told the press:

?Since she has no one, I wanted to step in and take care of her ? that was the main reason. Sometimes it?s just about helping somebody.?

His noteworthy contribution even inspired Heller?s congressman, Raul Ruiz, to contact Adult Protective Services which found her a new apartment.

Credit: Good News Network

Credit: Good News Network

He told?ABC News:

“When I read in The Desert Sun about Evelyn Heller being evicted I was concerned for her and asked my staff to find her to help and make sure she was OK and not homeless. With the help of several agencies and a generous anonymous community member Evelyn now has secure housing. Thank you to all our community angels who helped us find her housing….”

This isn?t the first time business guru Robbins has paid it forward in a big way. In February, he rescued nuns who were about to be evicted from their soup kitchen.

Later this week, Robbins will visit Heller in her new apartment so she can show him where she lives. He says, ?She?s very proud of her new home.?

It?s not every day you hear such positive news – or contemplate the errors of a country when elderly individuals face life on the streets.

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