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Thanks to the press in the UK, everyone understands that the NSA is spying on U.S. citizens. And while little Congress critters are disagreeing on whether the program is good or bad for the country, any incompetent genius has to be just a little concerned when the government starts poking around the Privacy Act of this country.

How far the intrusion has actually gone, is anyone’s guess. But one group that’s not surprised by this turn of events is the so-called “prepper” community. The term refers to those that, for whatever reason, think that the proverbial poop is about to hit the equally proverbial fan. With that in mind, they’re busy preparing themselves for the day after doomsday, when, they predict hordes of starving marauders will be wandering the countryside.

While the rest of us figure out how to live without credit cards and designer coffee, they will be safely ensconced in their hideaway bunkers, watching it all go down through a bulletproof window. Afterwards, they’ll munch on canned peaches and pat themselves on the back for having the foresight to see the end coming long before it arrived.

Most people don’t take these preppers to seriously. But what if those people are wrong? What if there is a nugget or two of wisdom to learn from these folks who take self-sufficiency to the ultimate degree? Here are some tips they might offer the rest of society:

Don’t Watch Infomercials

This one just makes good sense. To be ready for hard times means learning to get by on what you’ve got. That’s hard to do when there’s a person trying to convince you that you just can’t live another minute without weight loss supplements or some skin defoliator. Also, switching off the set means you won’t be trying to sell that wonderful product on eBay in a few months for half of what you originally paid for it.

The buyer might be a government agent, trying to find out why so many of us buy stupid things on credit after 2 a.m.

Extended Warranties

After all, if the end will be here soon, do you really need to buy an extra six-month protection for that high-tech gadget that you’ll never figure out anyway? That’s money you could spend on something practical, like a hand-cranked generator to keep the lights on in your shack back in the swamps. Then again, maybe the less you see of your survival home the better.

Never Trust A Politician!

Fortify your home against invasion. This one also makes sense. Crime still occurs in every community, in the U.S. While building a wall around your home and guarding it with a machine gun might be a bit of overkill, it does make sense for homeowners to invest in a good security system. Modern, wireless technology makes installing your own system easier than ever, according to SecurityCompanies.com. That’s a sensible precaution we should be taking, whether big brother’s on his way now or still trying to get the extended warranty honored for the “male enhancement device” he saw on TV. Apparently even ruthless dictators fall on occasion.

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