Tiny Injured Bird Receives ?Snowshoes? To Heal Her Problem Feet

Little 'snowshoes' made from cardboard and tape helped this mockingbird's feet heal normally.


Credit: CAWildlife.org

It?s actually quite common for young birds to experience knuckle, a condition which makes it difficult for them to perch, grasp objects or even walk around. Regardless, that doesn?t make the condition easy to live with.

For this reason, activists at the California Wildlife Center (CWC) helped a baby mockingbird ?get back on her feet? in a very creative way. The Dodo relays that the rescuers made tiny ?snowshoes? for the bird to train her feet back to how they should be.

CWC veterinarian Duane Tom, elaborates:

?Essentially, we used pieces of cardboard to tape her toes into their proper position. It usually takes a week or two of wearing the snowshoes before their feet are back to normal.?

Thanks?to the ingenuity of the activists, the mockingbird?s feet have healed normally.


Credit: CAWildlife.org

Credit: CAWildlife.org


Credit: CAWildlife.org

Credit: CAWildlife.org

According to Tom, nearly all birds that are rescued with knuckle feet are able to be returned to the wild.

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