Hundreds Line Up To Hug Police Officers In Dallas, Texas [Watch]

Hundreds of citizens packed Thanks-Giving Square Park to show support for the police department that is grieving the loss of five officers who were killed on Thursday.

Credit: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Credit: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Fear-based reactions are not the way forward. Unfortunately, former military veteran Micah Xavier Johnson wasn’t aware of this truth when he gunned down five police officers in Texas just days ago.

His brash actions were reportedly sparked by the nation’s systemic police abuse. Within the past week, two African-American men, Arlon Sterling and Philando Castile, were killed by officers in seemingly unjust circumstances.

While it might be easy to direct hatred at all officers, the issue of police brutality isn’t black and white. There are good and bad people of every ethnicity, occupation, and religious belief. By attacking – and killing – law enforcement workers, Johnson became the very thing he despised.

On a positive note, hundreds pushed back against the media’s attempt to incite a race war by showing up at a midday prayer service in Dallas, Texas, and lending their support to the police department.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Thanks-Giving Square Park was packed with citizens and police officers who are grieving the loss of the five officers who were killed on Thursday.

After the service, many of the attendees stood in line to personally thank the men and women who place their lives on the line every day – and hugs became the best way to express what words cannot.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Senior Cpl. Monica Cordova. “We were overwhelmed with grief. Now we’re overwhelmed with gratitude.”

You can watch the emotional display in the Facebook video below.

People are lining up to hug police officers in Dallas

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