Thoughtful Cop Takes Selfies With Lost Dogs To Help Find Their Humans

These dogs were very grateful that this officer went above and beyond to get them back home.

Credit: Taunton Police Department

Credit: Taunton Police Department

Being a “Dog Whisperer” is always a helpful skill to have, but it’s especially handy when your job sometimes requires you to work with dogs like Patrolman Evan Lavigne’s does.

As an officer, Lavigne is occasionally called to pick up loose dogs to avoid harm to both the dog and humans. Typical protocol calls for officers to take the dog to the pound, where they can take matters into their own hands and scan them for a microchip and attempt to contact the owner.

Credit: Taunton Police Department

Credit: Taunton Police Department

When the officer was called by a bank after a dog made his way inside the facility, he came to the rescue. Lavigne said that the bank manager was scared because the dog was a pit bull and didn’t want to approach him. However, as soon as Lavigne arrived, he realized that the pit bull was actually a big sweetie just looking for his home.

He coaxed the dog into his police cruiser and was about to make the drive to animal control when he decided to see if he could expedite the process of finding the dog’s owners. He snapped a selfie with the dog in the backseat and posted it to his police department’s Facebook page; the post received hundreds of shares within an hour and the dog was reunited with his owner.

Less than a week later, another loose dog was reported while Lavigne was on-duty and dispatchers chose to send him out again so he could work his magic. He responded to reports of a boxer being in a convenience story that looked friendly but no one wanted to touch.

Credit: Taunton Police Department

Credit: Taunton Police Department

He convinced the dog to take a ride with him and snapped yet another selfie (apparently at the dog’s request) while on the way to animal control. Though there was no formal announcement about whether the dog had been picked up, a comment on the Facebook post revealed that the owner had gotten the boxer and already brought him home.

It’s always great to see extra effort being put in by humans everywhere to help those who cannot speak for themselves, and this officer went above the call of duty to help these dogs find their humans, presumably because these dogs don’t have their own Facebook pages to post their whereabouts. Great job, Patrolman Lavigne!

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