Thought Tiny Houses Were Awesome? Tiny Gypsy Wagons Are Even Cooler!

It´s even smaller than tiny, but it can be pulled by a car!

Who hasn´t dreamed of having a tiny home you can pull with a car? This gorgeous gypsy wagon belongs to Suzanne, who lives in it full time. The caravan weighs 1700lbs fully furnished, and was custom-made by a company called Trekker Trailers. Similar caravans can be made by hand if you´re on a limited budget and want to get involved in the building work.

The wagon was made specifically for Susanne´s needs, and because she is usually plugged into a friend´s power source she doesn´t have everything you would to live day by day (she has no shower or refrigerator yet). But she´s really made the most of the space and the storage works well, even down to the old cigar boxes she uses to store spices in her tiny kitchen space. It´s the best kind of tiny home- cute, original and on wheels! Suzanne even drives it on mountainous terrains, and says of the plants on her bed: “These dudes are my only responsibility.” It sounds like bliss…

Note: At 10.15 the interviewer starts asking Suzanne about her sex life in that tiny made-to-measure bed…you might not want to listen with kids in the room!

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