This Wild Crocodile’s Amazing Human Friendship Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Animals

The bond between Pacho the crocodile and his best friend Chito is beyond anything you can imagine

This History HD documentary, ‘Touching the dragon’, is a stunning story of friendship between a Costa Rican man named Chito and a 17 foot-long wild crocodile called Pocho. It’s a story like no other, and gives much weight to the idea that all animals (not just dogs and cats) are conscious, sentient beings, capable of building very strong life-long bonds with those who nurture them.

Chito found Pocho twenty years before the film was recorded. The crocodile had been shot in the eye by a farmer for eating his livestock. Chito took him home and decided to nurse him back to health, even chewing up fish for the croc when he was too weak to eat. Over time, Pocho got better, but he never forgot the debt he owed to the local fisherman. Every time Chito tried to release Pocho, he returned to Chito’s family home and lay on the veranda looking for his human.

Noticing that Pocho seemed to crave his love, Chito lost his fear of Pocho’s natural instinct and after a decade together, he began swimming with and training the enormous reptile. The footage of these two swimming, playing and wrestling in the water will blow your mind! Sadly, Pocho died from natural causes quickly after the film was made in 2011.

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