This Well-Known News Anchor Took A $1 Million Pay Cut To Save Dozens Of Jobs

Though the anchor secretly took the cut in 2009, news of the generous deed recently made headlines.



Whatever your opinion is of Katie Couric, the former news anchor for “CBS Evening News,” it might be agreed that the journalist did an admirable thing when, in 2009, she took a $1 million pay cut to protect dozens of jobs.

According to the Amazon best-seller ‘Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency’ by James Andrew Miller, Couric met with CBS News president Sean McManus when she heard that cuts might be made.

GoodNewsNetwork relays that she proposed covering the necessary budget with her own salary after just 3 years working with the company to prevent dozens of employees from being laid off. In addition, she requested for “no public or private acknowledgement of the deed.”

Once the book was published on August 9th, however, news of the generous deed could no longer be kept secret. In result, Couric has received heaps of praise for the pay cut she took in 2009.



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