This Strain Of Cannabis Was Specifically Designed To Make Women Orgasm

Credit: Sexxpot

There’s a lot to love about cannabis, the flowering plant that contains components that not only allow one to de-stress but heal on a physical and spiritual level. Now, there’s one more attribute of marijuana to appreciate, and that’s its ability to make women reach climax during intercourse – specifically, a strain called Sexxpot.

Curated by Karyn Wagner, Sexxpot is an indica strain bred from Mr. Nice. The latter is reported to put couples in ‘the mood,’ and Sexxpot is no different. Reportedly, Wagner was inspired to invent the strain after she and her partner smoked Mr. Nice and together, experienced a very satisfying night.

Considering only 57% of females regularly reach climax, this strain could be a game-changer for women (and their partners). Perhaps it’s so effective because it helps users relax, as indica strains do.

According to data by Leafly, Sexxpot has a mixed taste of skunk and berry and offers a pungent smell. It’s most reported effects are feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and creativity, and it’s not uncommon for participants to feel more focused. However, dry mouth is a common side effect, so hydration is important.

Credit: Sexxpot

Because the strain is slightly lower (14%) in THC than most variations (18%-20%), it’s believed to be better for those who want to experience elevated sex. This is because the lower THC is just enough to elevate one’s senses, but not turn them into a couch potato.

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