This South American Country Will Be Completely Self-Sufficient By 2020

The Andean country aims to be the sole producer of its own food by 2020, which is why its government is supporting small and medium farms.

The future is green, that much is clear. Not only does the city of Vancouver, B.C., aims to run completely on renewable energy within the next couple of decades, the entire country of Sweden intends to be the world’s first fossil fuel-free nation.

Now, the country of Bolivia is set on becoming the sole producer of its own food by 2020. According to the Public Institute for Food Sovereignty (Ipdsa), Bolivia’s government is making this goal a reality by investing over $40 million dollars in local food production in order to ensure the nation’s food sovereignty.

The country’s Deputy Minister of Rural Development Agriculture, Marisol Solano, stated that over twenty food security projects are already in progress across the country. These plans include providing support for breeding small ruminants, as well as strengthening the production of potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, vegetables, fruits, coffee, cocoa, and fish farming.



Already, the future is looking bright for Bolivian farmers. As The Guardian reported in 2013, the world’s growing demand for quinoa (a ‘health food’ that contains all essential amino acids and beneficial fiber) helped dramatically improve the country’s economy. As a result, there has been an increase of 25% in food production since 2014. The country aims to sustain this growth rate but in a sustainable way.

By reducing Bolivia’s reliance on imports, livelihoods of local farmers and businesses will improve. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced and extra resources may be utilized to help address the country’s rates of unemployment, hunger, and poverty.

Whether Bolivia will achieve complete food sovereignty in five years is uncertain. What is known is that if all governments showed as much initiative as Bolivia’s, the world could run entirely on 100% renewable energy by 2050, as Greenpeace predicts is possible.

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