This Search Shows You IF, WHEN, and HOW MUCH Your Doctor Is Paid By Big Pharma

Is your physician in bed with Big Pharma? This new search site allows you to find out.

Allopathic medicine is sketchy. Sure, it’s the idolized and accepted mode of healing in pretty much every area of the world, but the fact that it is predominantly funded by pharmaceutical companies with monetary objectives should raise some red flags.

Most doctors receive less than one day of nutrition schooling, and are instead taught throughout their eight years how to identify, diagnose, and treat symptoms of the human body – not remedy their root cause. In effect, they are from the start taught how to keep a sick care practice up and running, not how to support the health and longevity of a patient. This is exactly what big pharmaceutical companies want, as the patient is not viewed as a holistic individual, but rather as a statistic and potential source of revenue.

Credit: DailyMail

Credit: DailyMail

Doctors feed this chain by not being educated on the dangers pharmaceutical pills (and the allopathic approach in general) can pose, and by drawing upon their education to prescribe drugs beyond what may be necessary in order to gain extra profits from pharma companies which support them doing so.

Credit: OpenPaymentsData

Credit: OpenPaymentsData

To determine if your physician is a healer of integrity or a scam artist pushing pills on you to receive payout from mega pharmaceutical companies, you can now utilize a search site.

The Open Payments Data website presented by the government reveals to the user the depth to which your doctor could be controlled by Big Pharma institutions. From physicians to teaching hospitals, the user can even identify the company making the payments.

Visit the site and discover the integrity of health care practitioners in your area if you feel compelled. And keep in mind that this is not to say that all doctors are bad, but the ‘system’ which doctors are playing into is not allowing them to keep true to their vow to “do no harm”. In effect, you, as the consumer, must do your homework and be vigilant of what is really going on in the world to ensure your health remains strong long into the future.

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