This Rescuer Was Brought To Tears When A Homeless Poodle Did The Sweetest Thing!

On a busy, dirty road in South Central Los Angeles, a young female poodle had been abandoned, forgotten and hit by a car. A call was made notifying Rescue From the Hart and Hope For Paws about the situation.

Annie Hart, founder of Rescue From The Hart and Eldad Hagar founder of Hope For Paws set out to help – and they found the injured poodle quickly. She was timid, hurt and worryingly skinny. Within seconds, the little wounded bundle warmed up and offered kisses as a thank you – a thank you for someone stepping up to take care of her.

With most rescue stories this is the hard part: getting a dog found, rescued and to the vet for treatment.

With Layla this is where the story begins. She got sicker and sicker after being rescued. It turns out she had a severe intestinal damage, Throughout all of this Layla has had a pair of dedicated foster parents taking care of her. Even when she was in the vet and was critically ill – the fosters showed up daily to spend hours with her. She had a chance to get better, they wanted to supply her with a REASON to get better. Love.

Earlier today, Layla visited her specialist for a checkup and through an ultrasound he discovered that one of her kidneys is failing. She will need surgery. It will be a big surgery. How big we will find out in the coming weeks as final tests are done to determine exactly what is wrong.

Layla’s journey is not over. There is an expensive and intense surgery coming that she must have to survive. But she has foster parents, Rescue From The hart, and a whole community of advocates standing beside her who want to help her thrive. Join us in helping Layla have the life she was meant to.

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