This Puppy Needed A Miracle And Got One – You Won’t Believe His Transformation!

When this puppy was surrendered, he was close to death and infested with maggots. You won't believe what he endured to survive...


On July 4th, a crusty, maggot-infested puppy turned up at the Speranza Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania.

Reportedly, the young pup – named Libre – had been given up by an unnamed breeder. When the staff got to him, Libre was so weak he couldn’t stand, and his skin so infected he gave off a rotting smell.

Some might have given up on the dog, resigned to believe that he would eventually die. But thankfully, the owner of the rescue center, Janine Guido, believed he could recover.

She said:

“He was emaciated, dehydrated, and limp. I have never in my life seen a dog this close to death. He was literally clinging to life the first time I laid eyes on him.”

Immediately, the abused dog was transferred into the care of the Dillsburg Veterinary Center. He received antibiotics, laser treatments, and had to endure maggots being removed from his skin.

Credit: Dillsburg Veterinary Center

Credit: Dillsburg Veterinary Center

As he ate wet food, his strength began to slowly return.

Credit: Dillsburg Veterinary Center

Credit: Dillsburg Veterinary Center

Credit: Dillsburg Veterinary Center

Credit: Dillsburg Veterinary Center

On Facebook, the vet clinic shared updates on Libre’s critical condition:

“He actually gobbled it down quickly and then lifted his little head up on his own!!! Although he is still in very critical condition, he is a fighter and is being lifted up with all your prayers.” 

On July 9th, the veterinarians almost lost little Libre when his temperature spiked and he refused to drink water. Luckily, he “is a fighter” and overcame the challenge.

Credit: Dillsburg Veterinary Center

Credit: Dillsburg Veterinary Center

After bringing Libre back from the brink of death, he was joyfully adopted by Janine, who says she promised the dog that if he recovered, he had a furrever home.

“Can’t let him go,” she told BarkPost. I promised him the first day I saw him that if he pulled through he had a forever home waiting for him. Can’t break that promise.”

Credit: Janine Guido

Credit: Janine Guido

The dog’s mother has since been surrendered and is with the Lancaster SPCA – a shelter that provides humane law enforcement functions in the country. Reportedly, Libre’s mother is also very sick.

However, the SPCA will not pursue animal cruelty charges against the breeder. According to Susan Martin, the shelter’s director, the decision was made because it is impossible to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual willingly and knowingly grossly neglected care for the animal intending to cause foreseeable grave injury or harm.”

Regardless, at least Libre is now in a home that will gift him the affection, love, and care he deserves.


According to updates, Libre is faring quite well, even though veterinarians weren’t sure if he would lose his eyes due to infections. Some Facebook updates from Janine follow:

Libre learns another life lesson 󾬏󾬏󾬏#flipflopfetch #bugeyedmiracle #librestrong

Posted by Speranza Animal Rescue on Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Libre UPDATE! SO. We have some AMAZING news! Libres WBC count is down to NORMAL range!!! As you can see in this video , he is feeling REALLY good!My days are so much brighter with this bug eyed boy . 󾇛☀󾬏#librestrong #bugeyedmiracle #crazypuppy

Posted by Speranza Animal Rescue on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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