This Pallet Home Can Be Built in One Day With Basic Tools

These emergency homes from i-Beam Design are truly amazing and can be assembled using commonly available materials and can be built by almost anyone.   These Designs have have been made available to the general public from their website.

Architects Suzan Wines and Azin Valy were trying to come up with the ideal building material for refugee housing in Kosovo. It should be recycled, recyclable, affordable, plentiful. They thought about bottles and tires. Then Wines tripped over a shipping pallet on the way home from work one night and something clicked.

There are about 150 million pallets dumped every year in the US alone.  Imagine what we can archive by recycling all these Pallets into something useful such as this.

For $75 you get the pdf plans and all the documentation needed to build one of these awesome homes.

This is the pallet home.

Pallet 01

It can be built in one day.

house 02

You can also upgrade it with insulation, AC, smoke detectors and anything else you would like.

home 03

It was originally designed to be a transitional shelter for refugees.

house 4

The house comes with “IKEA-style assembly instructions” so anyone, even those without experience, can build their own home.


Watch The Video:

These Pallet Homes provides a viable and adaptable housing option for those in need, while simultaneously empowering individuals with simple materials and tools to rebuild their lives and communities.

If you think these Pallet Homes are awesome then you will love what these people did with some shipping containers.

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