This Montreal Restaurant Is Offering Free Food To Those Who Need It

A Muslim-owned restaurant has been giving away 4-5 free meals each day for the past four months.

Credit: Sarah Volstad

Homelessness and chronic hunger don’t just occur in second and third-world nations, the conundrum is prevalent in first-world countries, as well. In Canada, for example, 13% of residents live in food insecurity, meaning they’re not sure when their next meal might be, or where it will be sourced from. Fortunately, food pantries can be found in almost every city. Restaurants, as well, are joining the fight against hunger by donating their leftovers to homeless shelters and, in some cases, offering free food to patrons who need it.

Marché Ferdous, located in Montreal, Canada, has adopted the latter approach by offering food to those who can’t afford a decent meal. Reportedly, the idea emerged when employees who work at the establishment wanted to assist the many homeless people that gather near the church nearby. Though Marché Ferdous began feeding hungry citizens four months ago, only now has the positive deed received international attention.

“We do not ask any questions, we do not judge people,” co-owner Yahya Hashemi told the press. “They want to eat, [we] give them the food. That’s it, that’s all.”

Passersby have been informed of the establishment’s offering by a simple A4 sheet on the door. In French and English, it reads: “People with no money welcome to eat free.”


It’s this sign that city local Sean Jalbert saw, prompting him to test whether or not the offer was legitimate. After dining and paying for his food, he posted a photo of the sheet on Facebook, causing to it going viral.

“Made me smile and warm inside. I paid for my food and told them they were awesome for doing this,” Sean wrote. “They said it wasn’t for the holiday season, but all the time because they want to encourage helping each other through tough times. Absolutely incredible.”

“A sandwich can really make someone’s day, especially if they’re hungry,” he added.

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