This Man’s Epic Fail Shows Exactly Why We Need To Put Down Our Phones And Look At The World Around Us

The irony is, if he'd have looked up for one second it would have made a great Instagram pic...

We all love technology, but hopefully most of us would agree that it has a time and a place. We live in an age where many of us are addicted to social media sites, ‘sexting’ has become a huge problem in childhood, we can’t stop taking selfies, and some people find it impossible to put down their phones – even during meals with friends and family.

A photograph taken a few days ago in Redondo Beach captured the sign of our times perfectly. When a humpback whale surfaced just feet away from a man who was too busy staring at his cell to spot the majestic creature, it gave all of us a message to stop what we are doing and take a look at the world around us, as the above video from The Young Turks demonstrates.

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