This Is What It Looks Like To Talk To Others The Way You Speak To Yourself

Affirmations and positive thinking go a long way in helping you to develop a more positive body image. Dove's latest ad campaign affirms this.

Credit: Dove

Credit: Dove

The brand Dove has gone where other health and beauty product companies have never gone before: deep into their customers’ reservoir of emotions to?tug?on the heartstrings of what inspires them to treat themselves beautifully ? or not.

Their infamous #RealBeauty campaign showed how we – as a collective ? see ourselves very differently than others around us do, and their recent ad campaign #OneBeautifulThought is just as powerfully moving.


Dove is asking that we share #OneBeautifulThought every day. As in, one positive feeling about our bodies, instead of the negativity which we?usually?speak within and suppress.

According to FastCoCreate, the script for this ad was made by asking women on the street to record their most personal thoughts about their bodies. Then in the video, albeit staged, we see how the women react when they hear their thoughts read out loud. Or rather, how it sounds for the actresses hired to say their internalized sentiments?to each other.

The result of the experiment? A stunning and impactful video that everyone who has ever had a negative thought about themselves will relate to.

Credit: Dove

Credit: Dove

Created by Dove France, the project?reaches deep for everyone, as few linger through life without insecurities of some sort. But speaking positively to oneself?is?an important step in the quest to live a healthier, happier life. After all, if you don’t love yourself, how can you receive love from others??

If you’re ready to begin a positive internal dialogue, check out this wonderful?guide?here by Greatist. Your healthy state of being is important, and Dove’s recent ad campaign is testament to this truth.

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