This Is What Happens When We Stare Too Much At Our Phones

With everyone keen to stare at their phones for hours, have we lost realization of what it means to actively participate in life?



Technology has done wonders for our world. Now within seconds, an individual in Pakistan can connect to a friend in Australia – or the US, or even Antarctica!

But in our species’?quest to keep?’connected’ through social media, have we lost realization?of?what it means to?actively participate?in life? Are our relationships strengthened or weakened by the onslaught of technological communication?

With an iPhone between your palms, do you notice the individual sitting in front of you? Are you busy pressing ?Like? on Facebook posts rather than spending time with your kids? Is your day wrapped up in maintaining an illusion through social media rather than co-existing with the very real and beloved friends who love you for who you are?

Although you might not be aware of it, your?infatuation with the glow of a television screen?is?causing you to miss out?on?the excitement of life all around you.

Give the?video below a watch and then contemplate how ?connected? you truly are to those in your life:


Your time on this Earth is finite. Don?t spend it sitting behind the glare of a computer screen or attempting?to relay your feelings through?text communication. Be present, be aware, and spend your life?living – that we dare.

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